Software update: TECDIS

June 13th, 2017:

Today we released our first update to the new generation of TECDIS software, 4.8.3.

You can download the update here: TECDIS Support


The update, titled, introduces the following changes to TECDIS:

  • Improvements to handling of routes generating a large number of route check dangers. [1818]
  • New feature for moving LOP observations without pickup in chart. [1822]
  • New feature for addition of LOP bearing and range observations from radar cursor position. [1823]
  • Support for old and new types of AIS meteo/weather data added. [1819]
  • Added option for ECS MODE warning to be shown on special installations. [1809]
  • Added warning for uncalibrated brightness when monitor brightness is modified by external dimming solutions. [1820]
  • Minor GUI background color adjustment. [1808]
  • Chart engine fix for MS Visual C runtime error on cursor query of dredged areas in special circumstances. [1824]
  • Chart engine fix for ‘MS Visual C runtime error’ on route checks. [1814]
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to Harbour mode. [1810]
  • Fix for Navtex reception from Navtex units that don’t provide message reception date and time. [1813]
  • Fix for ‘g_mini->SetScale() failed’ message on startup. [1811]
  • Fix for transfer of routes with PI lines to other TECDIS. [1817]
  • Fix for PI line issues on combined and reversed copied routes. [1816]
  • Fix for adding PI lines, ensured that PI lines can not be added by clicking on waypoint, only on route legs. [1825]
  • Fix for Datawash changing point symbols and PI line distance values. [1784]
  • Fix for issues with route danger review when radar overlay is active. [1821]
  • Fix for LOP distance observations being shown as solid circles in some special situations. [1815]
  • Fix for missing main toolbar menu button on 19 inch monitors with many features configured. [1807]


 A full feature guide for this release should be expected by the end of the month.