Before you can download and install TECDIS 4.8.3.x on your TECDIS units, you need to verify that you are allowed to upgrade the system.

If you perform this upgrade without using compatible hardware, your TECDIS is in breach with the certification, and is not considered an approved ECDIS.

TECDIS historical model range

Model name In production Serial number example OEM model name/type number Compatability status
2728 2018-> 2728AA0123 27T22 DEC/EEC Compatible
2424 2014-> 2424AB0123 24T21 DEC/EEC/MEC Compatible
2138BA 2016-> 2138BA0123 HT C02 HJ TEC Compatible
2138AA 2010-2016 2138AA0123 HT C01 TEL-A599 or A596 Compatible
2138DA 2010-2016 2138DA0123 HT C01 TEL-D596 Compatible
2026TC 2006-2010 2026TC123 HT 405P4 TEL-A1 Compatible – with restrictions*
2026TA 2004-2006 2026TA123 HT 403P4 TEL-A1 Not compatible

* 2026TC units are compatbile, but as it is not part of the current TECDIS certificate, it requires installation by a technician, where an installation checklist for the system is performed. Contact Furuno Norway or Telko International for additional information.


Download TECDIS 4.8.3 upgrade package (109mb)


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