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TotalTide requires that Admiralty digital products (ADP) is installed on the TECDIS, with a valid subscription to TotalTide. 

ADP requires Windows 7 or newer, so TECDIS models 2026TC, 2138AA and 2138DA are not supported.

In this release we are adding a feature that is in high demand – TotalTide from Admiralty. You can now see the tidal data from the TotalTide service in TECDIS, with a simple and intuitive interface.

You open the Tides window by either clicking on a tidal/tidal stream station in the chart, or by clicking on the Tide button in the info panel. If you hover over the tidal station, you will see information about it in the chart.

Tide graph

The Graph view shows you a tidal prediction graph, that can display up to 7 days of tidal data. If a minimum tidal height is configured, this will be indicated in the graph with red highlights for unsafe values.


This table shows you the hourly tidal height predictions for the coming 7 days.

High water/ Low water

This display of tides is the common format on paper. You see the ends of the tidal movement, and what time of day that happens.


This panel gives you general information about the specific tidal station


The most powerful tool is the Safe tide table, that helps you plan your voyage taking tidal windows into account. The table shows the available tidal windows, and all calculations are based on the specified minimum safe tide.

Tidal stream stations

Tidal stream stations work similarly to the Tidal stations, but use a different symbol in the chart.
Tidal Stream stations have similar functionality as the Tidal stations. The main difference is that rates and directions are displayed.


(TELCARE subscription required)

This feature is a user request that we are thrilled to add to TECDIS.

For any target, you can now activate Rendevous – RDV, and TECDIS will predict where on your route you will meet that target. This function works for targets within 1 NM of your route, and predicts where the target will meet your vessel (assuming the target will move along the same path your route shows)..

Rendevous supports up to 8 targets simultaneously, and the prediction is updated every second.

The tool is simple to use:

  • When TECDIS predicts that you will meet a target along your route, a Rendevous-symbol is shown over the route.
  • The symbol indicates if the point is a meeting or an overtaking.
  • If you hold the cursor over the symbol, TTG (time to go) for the meeting and target name is shown.
  • If you click on the symbol, you can pick it up to slide it along your route to find the Speed To Go to alter the rendezvous point to that position. All other rendevous symbols will move accordingly. Click again to release the symbol.
  • The symbol is shown in a target specific color to help you recognize what target you will meet and where. The symbol color is matched with brackets around the target.


(TELCARE subscription required)

The mini-conning in TECDIS has always been very useful for maneuvers and while anchored. Now we have improved on it, with the addition of a transit conning.

So now the most important sensor and voyage information is displayed with bigger text, in a clear and very readable conning window.

You can move the window around by dragging it with your cursor.

To access the Transit conning you simply click anywhere on the docking conning.


This improvement makes it a lot easier to create highly customized routes in a fast and efficient way, directly in the chart.

When you edit a route, you can now left click on the route lane, and it is attached to the cursor. You can then move in or out from the route centerline to alter the lane width. When you are happy with the lane width, simply left click again.

To reset the lane to the route default width you right click on it.

You can also edit the turn radius in your route. Simply left click on the curve of the route centreline, and the curve is now attached to the cursor. The next left click locks the turn radius where the cursor is. Again, to reset the turn radius to route default you just right click on it.


With charts from GNS (Global Navigation Solutions) and their Voyager solution for chart delivery, you now benefit from the single-click chart loading solution in TECDIS. Updating your charts is now as simple as updating the Voyager drive with the latest charts, placing it in TECDIS, and start the chart loading when the following window automatically appears:

When starting chart loading manually, both cell permits and chart updates are now loaded in the same process.



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