TELchart ECS released

Today, 30th of June 2020, we are releasing a new update to the TELchart ECS software.
This brings TELchart ECS to software version


This is a big release, including all improvements previously released for TECDIS version to Highlights in this release includes Admiralty TotalTide support, new options for route monitoring, improvements to S63 chart handling, transit conning, rendevous, curved EBL and new options for route ETD, ETA, STG and TTG calculations.


Read more about the features in the TELchart ECS Feature Guide for this release (link below).


Best regards,
The Telko Team

You can download the update file here: TELchartECSUpdate.exe
And we advise that you download and read the TELchartECS Feature Guide for this
release here:
TELchartECS Feature Guide