Software update: TECDIS is released

Today, 21st of March, 2018, we are releasing a new update to the TECDIS software. This brings TECDIS to software version

The most important feature of this update is the addition of import and export of routes in the RTZ format. RTZ is a standardized route exchange format, regulated by IEC 61174 Edition 4 from 2015.

We have also added several improvements and stability fixes to TECDIS with this release.


One improvement is the option to increase the display of target information. Course Over Ground (COG), Speed Over Ground (SOG), Closest Point of Approach (CPA) and Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA) can now be enlarged by simply clicking on any of the values.


You can download the update file here:  TECDISUpdate.exe
And we advise that you download and read the TECDIS Feature Guide for this release here: TECDIS Feature Guide
Unsure of how to add the update? Folllow this upgrade guide: TECDIS Update Procedure.pdf




Software update: TECDIS

June 13th, 2017:

Today we released our first update to the new generation of TECDIS software, 4.8.3.

You can download the update here: TECDIS Support


The update, titled, introduces the following changes to TECDIS:

  • Improvements to handling of routes generating a large number of route check dangers. [1818]
  • New feature for moving LOP observations without pickup in chart. [1822]
  • New feature for addition of LOP bearing and range observations from radar cursor position. [1823]
  • Support for old and new types of AIS meteo/weather data added. [1819]
  • Added option for ECS MODE warning to be shown on special installations. [1809]
  • Added warning for uncalibrated brightness when monitor brightness is modified by external dimming solutions. [1820]
  • Minor GUI background color adjustment. [1808]
  • Chart engine fix for MS Visual C runtime error on cursor query of dredged areas in special circumstances. [1824]
  • Chart engine fix for ‘MS Visual C runtime error’ on route checks. [1814]
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to Harbour mode. [1810]
  • Fix for Navtex reception from Navtex units that don’t provide message reception date and time. [1813]
  • Fix for ‘g_mini->SetScale() failed’ message on startup. [1811]
  • Fix for transfer of routes with PI lines to other TECDIS. [1817]
  • Fix for PI line issues on combined and reversed copied routes. [1816]
  • Fix for adding PI lines, ensured that PI lines can not be added by clicking on waypoint, only on route legs. [1825]
  • Fix for Datawash changing point symbols and PI line distance values. [1784]
  • Fix for issues with route danger review when radar overlay is active. [1821]
  • Fix for LOP distance observations being shown as solid circles in some special situations. [1815]
  • Fix for missing main toolbar menu button on 19 inch monitors with many features configured. [1807]


 A full feature guide for this release should be expected by the end of the month.

TECDIS is now compatible with the new IHO Presentation Library 4 

With the release of the brand new TECDIS software 4.8.3, we have added the IHO Presentation Library 4.0, which is mandatory on all paperless TECDIS installations from August 31st and beyond.

The new upgrade to TECDIS brings with it massive changes to chart presentation, danger presentation, menus and some great new features.

Building on the stabile and solid, the new TECDIS 4.8.3 marks the shift to a new generation of TECDIS software. In the last 15 months TECDIS has been reinvented with several new functions, new color design and greatly improved alert and danger handling.

Read more about the features of TECDIS 4.8.3 in the Feature Guide.

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