Here you will find all Service Bulletins issued by Telko.

Number Issue date  Bulletin  Severity Affects  Status
7 2022-04-27 TECDIS TelReport issue
Minor TECDIS, COASTAL with Win 10 Solution ready.
6 2020-02-21 TECDIS Slows down during Head Up mode Major TECDIS, TELCHART, COASTAL E Solution is ready.
5 2019-10-04 TECDIS Failure of chart display suspectedly caused by INT1 presentation  Major TECDIS 2138 A Closed. Solved as part of Bulletin #6.
4 2019-02-27 TECDIS freeze during route activation Major TECDIS Under investigation.
3 2019-02-14 BIOS shutdown issue Major TELCHART 2124 Solution is ready.
2 2018-10-19 SSE 22 – Primar certificate error Minor TECDIS


Solution is ready.
1 2018-04-17 TECDIS Startup USB error Major  TECDIS 2138B  Solution is ready.
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