All TECDIS units with the appropriate software version fully supports charts in S-63 edition 1.1 format. This page provides guidance on how to update your TECDIS units to the most recent software version.


How to determine the software version number:

  1. On the TECDIS or TECDIS unit, check if the menu folders on the right side of the screen are visible.
  2. If they are not, press the folder icon at the upper right corner of the screen, labeled ‘Tool menu folders’.
  3. Select the menu folder labeled ‘Chart’.
  4. Press the button named ‘?’ to the immediate left of the buttons ‘S52’ and ‘INT1’. A chart legend window will be displayed.
  5. Note the TECDIS software version number specified in the first entry of the chart legend (TECDIS Software). The version number is the value of this field up to the # character.

For units with software version 4.7.1 and above:

  1. Download TECDISUpdate.exe from the TECDIS Downloads page on this website.
  2. Download TECDIS Update Procedure.pdf and follow the instructions to update the TECDIS unit.

For units with software versions prior to 4.7.1:

Software updates are available on request. Contact your TECDIS supplier or Furuno Norway for details.

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