Press release – Signed agreement with Furuno Denmark

We are proud to announce that Telko AS and Furuno Denmark A/S have signed an agreement for the distribution of TelScope, Electronic Logbooks and Electronic Record books. Furuno and Telko have been working together in the maritime market for more than 25 years. By strengthening our partnership we will provide added value in the vessel digitalization process.
This agreement also includes Furuno Poland and Furuno Russia.

TelScope is a unique product that will simplify the process of record keeping, minimize administrative burden and save time. Logbook events are prefilled with data directly from the actual sensor. Developed according to the new ISO 21745 standard .

Martin Ekholm, VP Sales Telko says: I am sure we will have a great success launching this product together. Furuno has a strong reputation in the market with excellent customer relations, high quality products and a professional service team. This is a perfect match, and our relationship has a huge potential to growth stronger because we share the same values.

TELKO joined the PREParE SHIPS

TELKO joined the ‘PREParE SHIPS’ Consortium with the objective; development and demonstration of a collaborative resilience navigation solution. It aims to develop and enhance existing software solutions by exploiting the distinguished features of the Galileo signals as well as combining it with other nautical information on internal as well as external parameters and sensor technologies.

The final navigation decision support tool implemented, consists of collaborative exchange by ship2ship communication of dynamically predicted future position based on resilient position from Galileo receivers.

This will significantly increase safety and efficiency and will be the base of future autonomous operations.

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TELchart ECS released

Today, 30th of June 2020, we are releasing a new update to the TELchart ECS software.
This brings TELchart ECS to software version


This is a big release, including all improvements previously released for TECDIS version to Highlights in this release includes Admiralty TotalTide support, new options for route monitoring, improvements to S63 chart handling, transit conning, rendevous, curved EBL and new options for route ETD, ETA, STG and TTG calculations.


Read more about the features in the TELchart ECS Feature Guide for this release (link below).


Best regards,
The Telko Team

You can download the update file here: TELchartECSUpdate.exe
And we advise that you download and read the TELchartECS Feature Guide for this
release here:
TELchartECS Feature Guide


Software update: TECDIS is released

Today, 10th of June 2020, we are releasing a new update to the TECDIS software. This brings TECDIS to software version

This is primarily a maintenance release with fixes and improvements identified since the release of the previous version, but it also adds some new features for our TELCARE subscribers.

One example is Long heading line, adding an oft requested feature to TECDIS. When this new option is activated, own ship heading line extends to the edge of the chart display.

This release also adds other new features, improvements and bug fixes, that are available to any TECDIS user. Most notably we are adding dual click chart loading for the ChartWorld chart provider, further improvements to the new way of displaying the Route Monitoring during a voyage introduced in the previous version and performance improvements when operating continuously without restarts for months at a time.

Read more about the features in the TECDIS Feature Guide for this release (link below).


Best regards,

The Telko Team

You can download the update file here: TECDISUpdate.exe
And we advise that you download and read the TECDIS Feature Guide for this
release here:
TECDIS Feature Guide
Unsure of how to add the update? Folllow this upgrade guide: TECDIS Update Procedure.pdf


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