100 Ships Have Installed TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books

The TELSCOPE Electronic Record Books’ deployment aboard the MV Island Contender is a cause for celebration, marking a pivotal achievement as the 100th vessel to integrate our solution. We take immense pride in being the chosen partner of Island Offshore for digitalizing their maritime operations.

A Century of Vessels Equipped and Counting
The MV Island Contender, an Island Offshore Platform Supply Vessel, is the 18th ship within the Island Offshore fleet to be outfitted with TELSCOPE. This milestone nearly completes a successful rollout across the fleet, with an implementation pace of 1-2 ships monthly. This includes full installation, commissioning, and crew training over roughly a year.

Enthusiastic user feedback and plans to introduce TELSCOPE on an additional 100 vessels across diverse maritime sectors highlight the industry’s accelerated shift towards digital solutions. This transition towards digital record-keeping is acknowledged for reducing administrative workloads and improving record accuracy.

TELSCOPE’s Real-World Benefits for Island Offshore
Andre Almestad, Fleet Manager for AHTS at Island Offshore and overseer of TELSCOPE’s fleet-wide implementation, notes a significant advantage: the reduction of administrative and repetitive record-keeping tasks. This improvement not only optimizes onboard operations but also allows the crew to concentrate on their primary duties, thereby boosting safety and efficiency.

Almestad underlines TELSCOPE’s positive impact on daily operations, offering substantial benefits that enhance operational efficiency and compliance.

With the upcoming ship-to-shore module, set for completion in the second quarter of 2024, TELSCOPE will enable flawless communication between ship and shore teams, granting office staff complete access to onboard records. Additionally, the improved checklist feature will simplify the distribution and onboard implementation of checklists managed by the shore-based team. Almestad expresses eagerness to commence using these new features, which will also focus on optimizing the audit process and managing compliance documentation.

Press release – Telko to deliver digital logbooks to Stena Line

Telko to be a main partner to Stena Line’s digital transformation project and at the same time deliver a paperless solution for electronic logbooks and MARPOL record books.

Telko and Stena Rederi AB sign agreement for TELSCOPE, a digital platform for sensor collection, data storage, smart sync ship shore, electronic logbooks, and MARPOL record books.

Stena Line is one of the world’s leading ferry operators, with 37 vessels serving 17 routes in Northern Europe. Stena Line also owns six ports and operate a further ten. The company is an important part of the European logistics network, offering intermodal freight solutions that combine rail, road, and marine transport.

Telko is leading manufacturer to the maritime industry of ECDIS, and e-navigation solutions. It is based in Norway with a daughter company in Sweden. The company has delivered more than 6000 ECDIS licenses to SOLAS vessels. Telko is committed to provide the maritime industry with the most effective solutions that will help our customers to reduce workload and increase quality.

TELSCOPE will set a new fleet standard for data. Today data from different sources are saved in different format and are unstructured, also manual analogue exchange between systems into different documents for reports is common. TELSCOPE will store all incoming data in a structured format ready for analysis. On top of the digital platform Telko has developed electronic logbook applications that fulfil SOLAS and MARPOL regulations. The project has started, and the first vessel is Stena Germanica.


“We are proud to be part of Stena Line’s digitalization project and to deliver a solution that will support both officers onboard and personnel on shore.
Our digital platform will also increase Stena Line’s customers satisfaction and enable new digital services.”
– Martin Ekholm, MD – Telko International AB

World premiere at Nor-Shipping

The Telko team is present at Nor-Shipping all week, showcasing our brand new product TelScope.

You can find us at the Furuno Norway stand, B03-24.

There, we will demonstrate TelScope and it’s impressive feature list.

Please stop by and talk to one of our team members at Nor-Shipping!

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